About This Obscure Life

For me, blogging is personal. I write because I must. I am a storyteller. I have words that pour out of my head, into my fingers and onto the page. Usually, it’s just one unending stream of consciousness, but I am trying to challenge myself and my writing. These days, it’s a challenge just to sit down and do it.

This blog first started as Cooking With Ms. M, which splintered off from my blog momtheobscure.wordpress.com.

I started it because I love to eat, but I don’t love to cook. I was hoping that keeping the blog would help me stay in focus and maybe get some food on the table. It didn’t.

I have ADD. It’s more often than not that my ADDled brain can’t keep the household together.

I also have Hashimoto’s disease, which was discovered in my late 30s when I was trying to get pregnant. After a couple of IVF treatments my son was born.

The blog is now more of a chronicle of my journey through midlife, stumbling along the way, taking detours and shortcuts and generally getting lost but enjoying the scenery.

I hope you enjoy the journey.