A Detox to End All Detoxes: My Latest Challenge

Well, it’s been over a week since NaPoWriMo 2018 came to an end. It was quite a challenge and didn’t go very well for me. It did, however, reignite my pilot light. I’m still considering and reconsidering this blogging thing. Why exactly can’t I sit down to write? It’s been over a year and even though my mind is full of ideas, it is also terribly and deeply distracted. I am thinking about how I can keep my ass in a seat long enough to actually write something, anything before the flame dies out again. How do you keep the flame of inspiration going and more importantly avoid distractions?


Also, need to tackle time management. That is a lifelong pursuit that one, but hey one can never give up hope can one?


Although I am a big foodie, eating is one of my favorite pleasures right up there with sleep, I think I’ll scratch the cooking part of this blog. I was using it to motivate myself and get myself into a routine, but it hasn’t worked. I do love to eat, but I just don’t enjoy cooking, I don’t have a “think ahead” kind of personality to be prepared for it and honestly, I am not a very good cook. So I need to let that go.


Recently, I’ve read the book  The Gluten Lie and other myths about what you eat, by Alan Levinovitz. It was a pretty good read about diet trends, fads, and myths and why they should be met with skepticism if you don’t have an actual condition or diagnosis.


I’ve decided to take the book’s advice and do a 30-day detox from all wellness, health and diet news. I will not listen to another podcast or read another book or article on the subject for a month. I will also try to stop thinking about why and how I can improve myself by what and how I eat. I’ll just keep busy with other things and move my body every day and let it rest when it wants to. I will revoke guilt’s membership to my mind.

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