When Life is Enough: She Works Hard for the Money

I am not the most ambitious person. I’ve more than once been accused of being lazy. Most of the time I try to deal with it and be a better person. I’m not very successful at it as is evident from my absence from this blog, from the laptop, from anything concrete in my life at the moment.



Which brings me to today. I am listening to a podcast to get motivated. The podcast is titled: Procrastination & Purpose. It’s a good podcast overall, but a couple of points made me cringe. One, a young man in his twenties laments he didn’t do more when he was 15. I just had to shake my head at that point and think, kid you’d burn out by 30. We could all look back and find some wouldas, couldas, and shouldas. But what’s the point? Take it from here and go on. Each moment of our life brings us to where and who we are today. Time is only wasted if you spend today in regret.



The podcast was on point in that procrastination is when we’re avoiding what we have to do when we say, I don’t know my purpose, I don’t know how to act. Ignorance isn’t bliss says the podcaster: there’s more, but we are scared of what the future holds and if we can do what we are called to do. I am guilty as charged. I sure as hell don’t know what my purpose is or what I am supposed to do with this so-called potential.  I do have ideas, but they seem to change on the daily. One day I want to blog, the next I want to save the world, the next I just want to be a dog groomer. Most days I just feel tired. And here is where I find myself at the moment – Lost in an eddy of ideas and just going about my day.


But enough about me…

What really got me to blogging today was the second point that made me cringe during the podcast.  While acknowledging that some people have to survive and are struggling daily, that they have to clean houses and feel that there is no hope, that it is hard to see the positives, they go on to say that with coaching you can find a difference and a way to get out of your difficulties. They give the example of a struggling lady with 7 kids who found an outlet and started her own business.  Everyone has a chance to follow their purpose and get the wake-up call.  Create a small business for yourself, have the ability to be extraordinary, to be amazing, eliminate self-doubt, and regret.

As I listened to this, I thought, Why – why does everyone need to create a small business and be an entrepreneur? We are, all of us, extraordinary and amazing as we are not because of the job we hold. Sure we should stop procrastinating and we should be happy. But why can’t that lady with 7 kids, or anyone, be happy as they are even if they are cleaning houses? They are not begging or stealing, but putting in an honest day’s work. Perhaps their purpose is to help others, to have a job that keeps them moving and to provide for their family. Perhaps they really just want to work and get a paycheck and then get to go home and spend free time with family and friends. Why is that hopeless and not positive? Perhaps if we stopped thinking of people as less than, if we stopped looking down our noses and valued all the positions in a society that makes a society viable those people would feel more positive and have less self-doubt. Perhaps all they really dream of is a living wage and affordable healthcare, wouldn’t that be a dream?

Those hard-working women (and men) who clean our homes, care for our children, care for our aging parents, deliver our pizza, walk our dogs, drive the bus, and so on have a purpose and their work adds value to our lives. All those people enable other women the chance to pursue their calling outside of the home. If everyone was an entrepreneur and created a small business who would do the work? Who would enter the data, deliver the mail, deliver lunch, vacuum the carpet, empty the trash, clean the toilet? All those things need to be done and someone has to do it. Why must those people be hopeless, unhappy and living dreams unfulfilled?

When will we be ready as a society to acknowledge each and everyone’s inherent worth?  Perhaps when we realize that everyone has a purpose and that each and everyone is valuable then perhaps we can stop dreaming. If we value the people who do what we consider “menial” jobs and recognize the value of their work and how it enables others in their daily lives than perhaps those individuals could eliminate self-doubt and have more self-worth.  We are enough just as we are. So reach for the stars, but don’t step on anyone on the way up.



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  1. People have always done this it seems it’s either more prevalant these days or perhaps people are just more aware that it is not acceptable. I hope it’s the latter and that things will change, but you’re most likely right.


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