SYW: Week 50 2016

Share Your World – 2016 Week 50


What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?cdc_gf

Hmmm, I do love the smell of grapefruit even though I do not love eating grapefruit. The smell doesn’t really conjure up any memories. I just enjoy it and find it invigorating. The grapefruit itself conjures up memories of my mother. She would give a half grapefruit to me and my siblings for breakfast. I thought it was just awful and would pile a mountain of sugar on top of it and then eat it. Most likely cancelling out any of it’s health benefits. Kids, huh?

What type of pet do you have or want to have?

I have 2 cats. They fill the empty space and moments in my life as I never imagined. My son is pining for a dog. I grew up with dogs so I am contemplating it, much to my cats chagrin.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

I am almost always late without fail, carrying the torch my mother handed down to me. The woman never even wore a watch. I have a watch and a smartphone with various alarms and reminders, and it doesn’t help all that much.

For recharging, would you rather meditate, swim, walk, listen to music, write, read, yoga, qigong other?

More often than not I’d rather walk. It is my meditation. I go crazy when I can’t walk. I don’t swim and find pools too much work (wet stuff, chlorine, goggles, shower, laundry).

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am grateful that I am here, that I have a home and family that is safe and secure and warm. I am grateful that I have the freedom to moan, gripe and complain. I am taking nothing for granted these days. I will continue to feel this way into next week.

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