Wellness Wednesday: Driving Me Crazy

I still am not on any kind of schedule yet.

This week I had to drive the car. That sucked. They drive more like NY here: fast, aggressive and on your ass. One thing about Baltimore that was a positive was the driving was more civilized: left turn lights, right turn pull outs, speed and red light cameras all over the place.

My old gal- Baby Blue – my 2003 Subaru Forester didn’t pass inspection in Virginia. Sigh. She is old and had a tough life driving up and down the Harlem River Drive and CrossBronx Expressway in stop and go traffic when I lived in NJ and worked in New York. Both she and I suffered a lot of wear and tear on that commute.

I have 30 days to get the old girl fixed up. I know I need a new car, but she’s been so reliable and safe. Also we have a lot of expenses with the move right now. Really though, if I never drive another day in my life I’d be a happy woman. My mom never drove. I envy her now, but at 30 I didn’t want to be like her. Friends and acquaintances convinced me it would liberate me and make me so independent.

I like walking around it’s better for my blood pressure.