Wellness Wednesdays: A Random Rambling Rant


Have you ever sneezed just after sipping tea? Yeah, that just happened. Hold on while I wipe down my laptop.


I’ve been a bit spacey lately. In a brain fog and feeling tired and lazy. Moving to another state isn’t easy on my ADDled brain. I don’t know where anything is, my mind is racing with all the things I have to do – have to get: broadband internet access, new drivers license, register the car, find a doctor, register my kid for school, figure out that electric oven, find a way to stop the freezer door from smashing into the wall, clean the house, unbox and unwrap my stuff, find a place for my stuff, buy new furniture…feel guilty that my son is spending too much time on Xbox and YouTube videos…


I’m in a whirlwind and not sure what to do first. I tried to go to my condo’s pool on a hot evening to unwind and decompress, but was told I needed a pool pass. Of course I don’t have one. So, I contacted the management company and the person is on vacation until August 8th. I contacted someone else and they haven’t gotten back to me in two days.


Seems like no one is answering their phones this summer. I have to get a physical exam for my son to register him for school. I contacted our old doctor’s office in our old state before we left, but they didn’t have any appointments until August. So here I am scouring the internet, my insurance company’s website and making phone calls to find a doctor so I can get my son registered for school. I keep getting a busy signal.


The secretary at the school said to try the health clinic, because I really should get it done before the end of this month so I can receive the back-to-school info packet that goes out early August. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’ve been calling the health clinic. No answer! I’ve left three messages and I haven’t heard back as yet.

But what’s really put a bee in my bonnet is this health insurance crap. If America was ever so great – why can’t the common person get access to whatever doctor they want? Oh yeah, right we can. If we pay a premium price otherwise we are subjected to insurance claims and in-network bullshit. I’ve gotten recommendations for pediatricians, but they are not in my network. I found a great practice within WALKING distance of my house that is in my network, and accepts my insurance, and practices integrative medicine as well as primary care. Except that they want a $1700 annual membership that is not covered by insurance. Sigh. I found another great place through the resources on  HypothyroidMom. The doctor shows up on my insurance network. Except that she is not accepting new patients.


I am feeling like a rat in a maze with no way out and where is the damn cheese already?


I know there is an answer to all of this. I know it will get done. Yet, I don’t appreciate running through a maze full of dead-ends to get there.  Is that what gives Americans grit? The fact that we have to advocate and fight for every little thing? You know what I think would be great? If everyone had access to good healthcare. I’m not talking about access to free clinics for those who are eligible due to low-income or being under-employed. I am talking about healthcare available to everyone equally that is not tied to your employer. You know – Universal Healthcare.  That’s just the closeted socialist in me talking. I thought (foolishly) that Americans were guaranteed Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness? I thought it was a self-evident truth that we were all created equal? I must be missing something – it seems we are guaranteed nothing unless we can pay a price for it. Oh, except the right to carry an assault weapon. That seems to be a given right etched in stone. Hmm, if I understand the meaning of amendment, it means it can be corrected and changed. The judicial branch can interpret and change the laws – happens all the time. Well, some of the time.


What do I expect in a world where Trump is the Republican nominee for president  –  shuddnoise-barrier-fence-11974856.jpger –

Do people think he is going to get in there January 2017 and just fire everybody? That is not how it works. Will he just bankrupt the country and file for Chapter 11 and seek tax evasions and loopholes? Seriously, what will he do besides build a wall? I hope it’s not like those ugly ones on the highways. Our government is not a reality show. Or is it? Perhaps it should be. It could air on C-SPAN.

I am outraged, worried and hopeful. I need to figure out what more I can do besides a rambling, random rant or moving out of the country. @momtheobscureBelize is lovely.





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