Wellness Wednesdays: Move On Over

It’s been two weeks and a lot has and has not happened. We have successfully moved from the state of Maryland to the state of Virginia.


What has happened:

The electric stove blew a fuse during the walk through. Our Real Estate Agent, thankfully, had quick reflexes. So my worries about that electric stove were valid. It’s been a week since we moved and I have been out and walking about. That’s right: Car Free. I am on a Car Free Diet. I am loving it. I have walked the trails behind my house, I walked to the movies, the post office, restaurants, the library. Today my son and I walked to his new elementary school. There was a steep incline and we were huffing and puffing. He said we should take the car but, nope, I said, we will practice so that by September it will be an easy walk to school. I told him about how when I was training for the marathon I would run up and down a hill like that 4-6 times in a row. He thought that was crazy. I felt inspired by the memory.


What has not happened:

I haven’t used the stove. It’s been a bit overwhelming. We didn’t have internet for a few days, even though I was promised hotspots by Xfinity (but didn’t get). I haven’t been blogging because of the sketchy internet, the unpacking, and a short camping trip squeezed in between it all. I haven’t been waking up early and exercising. I haven’t been to a Weight Watchers meeting in weeks, and maybe I won’t go back.


I’ve been busy unpacking all of our possessions. So far nothing is broken and the only thing missing is our Pottery Barn Fireplace screen (we did get the tools). I am finally seeing the light beyond all the boxes. We just have too much stuff!


We have downsized from a single-family house to a townhouse. Not everything fits, but that’s ok. I am learning to let go and declutter my life as I mentioned here and here. And although it is a bit overwhelming now and I am in a fog with my sleeping schedule, eating too much and exercising too little, I know it will all unfold well in the end.


What Will Happen*:

My goals now are to unpack the boxes and minimize my stuff, build a capsule wardrobe that fits in one closet, start running and exercising consistently, bike and walk more and drive minimally.

*Don’t hold me to it, best of intentions and all, but you all know I have an ADDled brain, right?


image of US map with state of Virginia highlighted from Huebi – Modified from image:Map of USA with state names.svg

edited by The Boy who should be sleeping


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