Foodie Friday: Let Them Eat Cake.

If I could only eat one food, and it couldn’t be pizza, then it would be cake. Not any old supermarket or Costco cake that is too sugary, but a nice tea or pound cake. Same with cookies, I adore cookies, but I prefer them more bready than sugary. Stella Doro is the perfect cookie for me.

As I’ve mentioned, I have taken to eating sweets for breakfast. This usually includes a Stella Doro Breakfast cookie, chai and always a banana. Sometimes I will have a scone from the Farmer’s Market or a muffin from the supermarket. I was wondering what I could do differently.

Then Bloglovin’ had a feature on 5 Cakes You Can Eat for Breakfast (

I am excited to try some or all of these. Also on my to-do list is a  NO KNEAD ROQUEFORT AND WALNUT BREAD that Natascha over at Natascha’s Palace promised me I should be able to bake no problem.

I can get back into my kitchen and make a mess again, because we just signed a contract to sell our house. We are moving on…we just need to find a place to move into now.

Just keep in my mind that my to-do list is long and my ADDled brain doesn’t process time the same way as most people. I’ll keep you posted if, I mean when, I get to these.