Foodie Friday: The Jungle and Thali

Tonight, since I’m not cooking, since the house is up for sale, since I had to be out of the house from 4-5, since it had to be kept clean – livable, but not lived-in and since it is Friday: I took my son to see the Jungle Book after school. I’m just glad I didn’t see it in 3D. There was a moment that my son laughed where I shrieked and jumped two feet out of my seat. There were other such moments where I found myself gripping the arm of my seat. When Shere Kahn had the wolf pups in one very menacing scene I was about to get up and walk out. Seriously, it was a good movie but I think it traumatized me. Its a very different mood from the original 1967 animated version – even if it did have the ‘Bear Necessities’ song.

After the movie, we met up with my husband and went to Nepal House a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try. They had Thali! This is one of my favorites. I haven’t had it since we left New Jersey six years ago. It’s a kind of Indian Tapas. I had the goat curry and it came with rice, dal (lentils), saag (spinach), potatoes. My husband ordered the mixed grill which came with rice and pakora. Everything was so good – the kind of food that slides down your palate blossoming with spices and flavor. This is a treat because most food in this city is just ok.

image source Harshmander Rastogi via Wiki Commons