Foodie Friday: Revenge of the Frozen Custard

My son received a coupon for a free ice at Rita’s for his participation in the Stem Fair at school.We went to Rita’s when we first moved here, but didn’t like it much and haven’t been back. But free is free right? We went over to Rita’s after school on Friday. He got his free ice with some ice cream on top for $1.00 and I got a cone with a twist of Vanilla and Chocolate.

I don’t care for their ice, it isn’t like the italian ice I had growing up in NYC, but their frozen custard is pretty satisfying.

Then about half an hour later it hit me. My stomach turned, and flipped, and flopped, and twisted. This is where it gets gross folks, TMI Warning: I spent the next half hour in the bathroom.

It was last year that I noticed I had a problem after I ate ice cream. I thought I had become lactose intolerant. It didn’t add up though, because I could still consume milk and yogurt without a problem.

I looked into it. It seems some folks can have a reaction to the locust bean or carrageenan that is added to the ice cream as an emulsifier. I went out and bought an ice cream maker and started making my own ice cream at home. I also discovered that Haagan-Dazs Vanilla and Chocolate ice creams do not have any additives.

I am so grateful I have options, because a life without ice cream is not worth living.