Foodie Friday: The Kitchen is Closed

We are working on selling our house and moving closer to Mr. Obscure’s new job.  He hasn’t even been commuting for a full year and he’s had it already. I commuted through the hell of what is the Cross Bronx Expressway for six years, so I don’t have much sympathy for him, but I am ready to downgrade from a house back to a condo.


Selling a house is no picnic. I have to magically make it appear livable, but not like anyone lives in it. Sort of like a page out of House Beautiful. I fault all those damn reality shows on cable.


I don’t even have cable so I don’t know what I am talking about or how my house is supposed to look. Only three things on the counter? Really? I am not OCD* or anal retentive, I am ADHD.


My Addled brain writes flash fiction but doesn’t do the dishes. I’m not an Oscar Madison type slob. I am more disorganized than unclean. I like things neat, but I tend to pile things up or forget about them. I need things out on the counter so I remember what I need to do. I like to take out the ingredients for tomorrow’s meals and leave them on the counter so in the morning I remember what I planned to do.


If I am constantly cleaning up messes – well, then there isn’t time to be thinking up stories, watching Netflix, drinking wine, blogging, blogging and drinking wine. What kind of life would that be?


Mr. Obscure is more of a Felix Unger. He says cleaning relaxes him. He does do dishes. Often he’ll start clearing things up before the boy and I have finished with our dinner. He also tends to put away all the things I had left out on the counter for tomorrow.


There has been some debate being batted about the internet as to whether a tidy desk leads to more productivity and efficiency or whether a messy desk leads to better creativity. In my opinion, it’s which ever your brain needs. If you can’t work or think because there is a mess in front of you then clean it up first and then get to work. If you are like me, cleaning it up leads to distraction and lack of focus. I will forget my creative ideas. I need to forget the mess and let it lie while I tend to other things. In my downtime I can be disgusted by how disordered and messy my house is.


With my executive function disorder, I get overwhelmed and just don’t know what to tackle first. I have pulled out clothes, legos, kitchen stuff, and craft supplies to be donated and decluttered. I have ironing I need to get done. My son has a stem project we are so behind on. I need to get my blog posts done…Wash the laundry, fold the clothes, feed the cats. Well the cats get fed, because they are very vocal about that and will not let me forget.

FullSizeRender 3

My husband has now put me in a time box.


That was 500+ words just to explain that I will not be cooking for a while. Cooking just leads to a mess and well I just can’t have that. Not until the house sells.

*No disrespect to OCD which is an actual anxiety disorder

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