Wellness Wednesday: Laugh It Up

Last week was  no laughing matter. I suffered the migraine from hell that came and stayed for five days.  It’s gone now and I can smile again.

Recently, The Boy had to fulfill the Roaring With Laughter elective for the boyscouts. We told jokes (read from the internet, because I am a bad joke-teller and so is he), tried out tongue twisters, did mad-libs and then had a laughing contest to see who could make the other laugh first. The Boy couldn’t figure out why I kept winning.1211584614-TongueTwisters-4

It is said that laughter is the best medicine: it relaxes muscles and relieves stress and just feels so damn good.  I like to unwind by watching comedies on TV. Right now my favorites are: The Middle, Modern Family, Blackish, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and on Netflix: Frankie and Johnny and Lilyhammer. Please share what you find funny in the comments. I do love a good laugh.

This week I wanted to share the Katering Show, a series on youtube that parodies cooking shows and diet trends. These two Australian ladies make me laugh.

Blogs that make me laugh:

The Shameful Sheep

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