Foodie Friday: In My Kitchen

This week in my kitchen I’ve been trying to use up whatever won’t keep while we go on vacation.

pizza dough from the super market shredded mozzarella for the pizza dough
frittata with cheese and spinach
oxtail and bacalao, the bacalao will keep

pizza half plain for my son and half with spinach for the rest of us
planning on making my own instant oatmeal packets
oxtail stew made in the crockpot with ziti, carrot salad and blood orange

I ate most of the ziti before snapping the photo. I was hungry! I used the ingredients from Marcella Hazan’s recipe for oxtail stew, but, as I didn’t have time to watch over the stove, I put it all in the crockpot and cooked about four hours on high. I used the leftover liquid from the stew to make a barley soup which I ate for dinner the rest of the week.