Wellness Wednesday: Scheduling

Plan for it. It works. I know it does, but I still have trouble with it.

Following the 3-season diet challenge and the ayurveda weight balancing system at lifespa.com, my plan is to eat 3 meals a day with no snacks in-between with lunch being the heaviest meal of the day. Also, to excercise in the morning. That’s the plan and I’ve been sticking to it. Mostly, sort of,  not lately.


I don’t really care about losing weight so much as feeling well and having energy. I bought a notebook to write down my meals. I find that helps.



I was doing really good as you can see from  earlier posts. Then the holidays came, snow days and delays, the flu – and I’m all thrown off schedule. It’s really easy to throw my ADDled brain off schedule.

Here’s a picture of my desk.

The cat usually pushes everything aside

Scary, I know. It’s a reflection of my mind. I’ve been tackling it for two weeks now. Each day is going to be a new start. And it is, but not much gets done.


Ok, maybe I am trying too hard. I must remember less is more. I try so hard to schedule everything and I never manage to stick to it. Perhaps I should be more flexible. Allow some leeway.  I just need to remember to schedule to schedule.


read The Disorganized Adult article by Peter Jaksa, Ph.D.



  1. Less is more! That must be universal, in Germany we say “weniger ist mehr”. I don`t remember if Italian people say it too, maybe they don`t 🙂 they are just flexible. I`m italian but I`m not flexible, I would like to be flexible…..It`s very good what you do. I changed my weight in 3-4 years, just changed life style and I started very slow to introduce sport in my life. Now, training is for me like healty eating and drinking, I eat everything but less fat and sugar, I drink everyday 2-3 liters water and I get training everyday, but I respekt my body and I try to choose training art which are good for me.

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    • I admire you Miriam, I know you work hard and have come a long way and it shows. I have my ups and downs, sugar is definitely my downfall. You are right about Italians being flexible, but we can be stubborn too! Yet they are not extravagent for the most part. Have a great day


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