Foodie Friday: Out at HMart

I’ve changed the name of the blog to This Obscure Life as it just seems to fit better than Cooking With Ms M.  Next up, I’ll change the address of the site as well.

This week I took a trip out to the Korean supermarket: HMart with some friends. It’s about a 25 minute drive so we usually make a trip once a month.

First up was lunch.


crab pancakes

Then some shopping. The main purpose of this trip was to get meat for sabu sabu. Look out for a future post. The boy loves Sabu Sabu, but we put a twist on it.

I also scored a new measuring cup for the rice cooker.

And this wooden thing. Im not sure what it is actually for. I found it among the shower goods. I intend to use it to tenderize meat.

The metal ones shred the meat too much. My mom used to use the wooden part of the potato ricer used to make gnocchi.  Whenever I woke up to that pounding noise I knew it would be a good day – brasciole was on the menu. That is one thing I need to learn to make.