Wellness Wednesday: Feel the Love

Accidentally posted this over at my other blog momtheobscure.wordpress.com Posting it here now

Mom the Obscure

I am really good at giving a pep talk. I can listen attentively and give advice when needed. I’m more like a therapist than a bff tho, because I don’t do well with the touchy-feely stuff. I’ll tell you that you are worth it, but please don’t ask for a hug.


Lately, I’ve been listening more. Or really just hearing myself. I hear myself telling people things, saying positive stuff and then wondering why I don’t say these things to myself.

Another mom was lamenting that she wasn’t making her life a priority. She compared herself to her friends. I listened to her nodding empathetically, then I said to her – But you are living your life. They are living their life and you are living your life, with your priorities – your family is your priority.

Next morning, I am brushing my teeth and BANG it hits me. Why the…

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