Foodie Friday: Tuna Casserole

My son has been eating a lot of Campbells soup lately. It’s ok occassionally, but he’s been eating it everyday and the guilt has been gnawing at me. So I made homemade soup with noodles.

The boy said he didn’t like the noodles. Really? He picked them out himself from the store! 

Here I was with all these leftover noodles on Ash Wednesday. Even though we do not subscribe to the christian faith any longer, tradition tends to stick. My mom always made a tuna casserole on Ash Wednesday. Every year.

I have never made a tuna casserole before (My family doesn’t really care for casseroles). So I checked with Martha. She did not disappoint. I used the recipe found here.


cooking it up on the stove
I got lazy and baked it in the dutch oven
plated and served with baked snapper and a salad

It tasted fine. The boy didn’t eat it. As I said, we don’t really care for casseroles. So here I am with all this leftover tuna casserole.