It seems all I’ve been doing lately is treating myself – doughnuts, and more doughnuts, and chocolate covered oreos and cheetos.


I can’t even recall if I had any real food in between those indulges. Usually these indulgences are offset by running. But I haven’t been doing that either. I blame it on the snow. The truth is the roads have been clear for 6 days now and the weather has been pretty warm.

It’s a general malaise. The winter blues as I posted here a couple of weeks ago.

Yet, Weight Watchers tells me:

Yes, there’s room for your favorite foods on the SmartPoints plan. Learn how to fit them in—— and enjoy!

Doughnuts aren’t even a favorite food. They were just there – tempting me. I am so weak.

Yet, there it is. It’s ok.

 If it’s not livable over the long run, you won’t stick with it.

Thank you, thank you. That is the old Weight Watchers I knew and fell in love with. Lately I haven’t even been going through the motions. I’ve just tuned out and fallen out of sorts with the program. I wasn’t sure if I had changed, or Weight Watchers, or was it both of us?

Here’s the truth  – you have to find what works for you. It has to fit your life style or it’s just cats playing kabuki.

source cheezburger.com

Read the whole Treat Yourself article from weight watchers at https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/m/cms/article/weekly-extra-jan-31-2016-treat-yourself

And here’s how to Treat.Yo.Self