Foodie Friday: Ginger Beer

On my quest to be more natural, I wanted to try and make home-made ginger beer.

I gave up drinking soda at 16 and for years I didn’t drink it. A couple of summers ago we were in Cyprus and it was so hot and dry that water wasn’t doing much. I bought a lemon soda. It was so refreshing! Yet, it didn’t contain High Fructose Corn Syrup and it was only about an 8 oz bottle.

Now occassionally, I’ll have a soda. (Especially mixed as a cocktail.) I avoid HFCS for my health as well as the fact I find it makes everything taste like treacle. I have found some “Mexican” sodas in the stores that contain sugar instead of HFCS, but not Ginger Ale.

I googled ginger beer and read over a few blogs and recipes. I chose this one from I had to toss the first batch of yeast and try again. After letting it sit for a week I was ready to bottle it, but my husband lost the cap to my growler. No problem – I poured it into an old lemonade bottle I had. I figured this was a better alternative because of the top fastener. The watchamacallit attached to the neck of the bottle. The recipe did say to cork it. So this should work.


the bottle with the watchamacallit top


all the ingredients mixed together


covered and waiting for a week


Fast forward the three additional days needed to brew. Ok, there may have been shaking. I remember seeing the sediment on the bottom. I could have shaken the bottle – I don’t recall – really- that’s my ADDled brain. I didn’t see any bubbles forming. But when I opened it – POP! It spewed like Old Faithful. I just stood there watching mouth agape. Then I commenced the mopping and sopping. As I was cleaning off the counters, that’s when I noticed it. My laptop, open, sitting on the counter. Besotted in ginger beer.


what was left


all over everything even the ceiling

The Macbook Air is currently opened and sitting in a bag of rice. Fingers crossed it will rise in three days hence and work once more. I consoled myself with a colossal custard-filled donut (not very natural, but who drowns their sorrows in kale?) There was one glass of the ginger beer left in that bottle. You know something? It was freaking delicious. I will have to make another batch – with a different type of bottle, of course.