Wellness Wednesday: Share the Love.

I wanted to take the time to unabashedly plug my niece who blogs over at i heart healthy project. The I Heart Healthy Project blog shares health and wellness advice to help you build a balanced lifestyle.

I was really hit in the face with a brick by this advice she gave for the New Year on 1.12.16

Social Media Spring Cleaning 
Your health and wellness journey is yours and yours only! Confidence can only be built through self-love and acceptance. This confidence becomes vulnerable the moment we start comparing ourselves to others. So seriously, unfollow any social media accounts that trigger any thoughts such as “Ugh, I wish I looked like that”.

Just common sense, right? She is so right. I am going to take some time to go over my instagram account and unfollow some style sites which are fine, but just don’t represent me or my body type. No matter how hard I try, how little I eat, or how much I weigh – will I ever ever have narrow hips and lean legs. I just have to accept that.

#wabi sabi mammi (I think I may make that my new blogger name!)

I’d love if you took the time to check out the site. Share the love. Or choose to move along if it is not right for your journey. Find i heart healthy project on:








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