Wellness Wednesday: Seasonal Eating

I stepped on the scale at Weight Watchers yesterday and the receptionist said:

“OK, I got you. You can step down.”


This is code for you gained this week. I didn’t even look at my booklet. I’m not going to sweat it. This is a journey of wellness. The number on the scale does not define me. All I want is to have energy, be able to run to catch the bus and to feel good in my skin. The slogan for the new Weight Watcher’s plan is Beyond The Scale, so why should I let a number on a scale dictate how I feel about myself? I shouldn’t, no one should.


Last week, I vowed to go sugar free until Valentine’s. Well, that only lasted a day. After making the declaration, all I wanted was sugar!


My son was home sick from school for two days. We made chocolate chip cookies. I had leftover egg whites and didn’t now what to do with them. I googled it and made coconut macaroons. So much for no sugar! I should have known better. I am not good with resolutions or will power or self-control. Time and time again, I would be made to write:”I will practice self-control” a thousand times in Catholic School. It didn’t teach me anything, except to feel guilty that I couldn’t control my impulses.


As an adult, diagnosed with ADHD, I am trying to learn to forgive myself. So why do I keep coming up with ultimatums? I’m not sure why.

I also missed my usual breakfast which I’ve explained here. Not having that – planned for and allowed for sweet  -in the morning sent my cravings into overdrive.giphyAs I have mentioned, I am following the 3-Season Diet Challenge over at lifespa.com.  I wanted to share this interview with Dr. John Douillard on Elephant Journal’s youtube channel. He explains seasonal eating and why it is important.


  • A nod and a wink to D. Parker who blogs at yadadarcyyada.com for inspiring me to use animated giphs in my posts. It’s so fun!


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