Wellness Wednesdays: How it goes

I had my yearly visit with the endocrinologist just before the holidays. Actually it was my first yearly visit, before that I was going every 3-6 months to check on some nodes near my thyroid. They haven’t changed and so last year we decided to make it a yearly visit.

I’ve been thinking that things aren’t so great and I need to do better: maybe go gluten-free, excercise more intensely, ditch the endocrinologist and find a naturopath. Then after telling me there hasn’t been any change with the nodules (Yay!) the doctor started asking me questions:

  1. Are you still having problems sleeping?
  2. Do you still wake up with panic attacks?
  3. Are you having difficulty swallowing?

The answer to all these questions was no. Then she proceeded to tell me that I’ve lost ten pounds since last year.  A light went on inside of me. Even though I still suffer with tiredness and getting out of bed – most of my problems have abated. I attribute it to getting back into a running routine and adhering to the “less is more” school of thought. Those ten pounds I lost just came off in the last couple of months.  I stopped running half-marathons and I do quick runs during the week and longer runs on Saturday at a slower pace. This is what works for me. Anything else leaves me tired and hungry. The doctor agreed with me.

I then asked her about going gluten-free. She said it wasn’t necessary. She said the research wasn’t there and I should just eat a balanced diet.  This, of course, is what I wanted to hear. I’ve been reading so much on the internet about how gluten-free is the way to go when you are dealing with Hashimoto’s but life without carbs seems so joyless to me. I don’t seem to have any adverse reaction to it. Perhaps I don’t eat as much carbs as I think I do. Sugar – oh, these last few weeks I’ve been eating a lot of sugar.

I’m thinking of going sugar free from now until Valentine’s day. I’ll give it a try. Let’s see how it goes.