Wellness Wednesday: Enjoy!

At the Weight Watchers meeting this week everyone was in a stew over the upcoming holidays. What they were going to eat, what they were going to avoid. The leader than asked us what was one thing we planned to do. I just thought: “Enjoy myself.” And that is what I intend to do.

I wish you all a very Merry time and a Happy Holiday season, however you may celebrate.

To start off my season of joy, the Boy and I made holiday cookies. After the experience last year, I bought christmas cookies this year. You can read all about that holiday mess here. The Boy convinced me to bake – for Santa. I have left the Pintrest world behind (it’s all for the best) but still had a copy of the Chocolate Sugar Dough recipe from Sweetopia. I used that and made half with the cocoa and half without. The boy helped from start to finish this year and all went well. Yeah!

The boy got creative with it
Adding the Royal Icing
If you omit the cocoa you will need to add more flour or it will be too sticky
Enjoying the spoils

Part of my journey to wellness is eating intuitively and not over-stressing things. So I will eat my cookies and then get up in the morning and go for a run. How do you do the holidays?




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