Wellness Wednesdays: Excercise

I’ve got a new look on the blog. What do you think? I like it.

Let’s see I’ve covered breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now it’s time for excercise.

This is what I do:

I run. I do yoga. I do XBX.

I run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday I do speed drills at the track, Thurday I run a steady 2-3 miles and Saturday I do a long run of about 4-8 miles. I do XBX for 12 minutes in the morning everyday but Saturday. I’ve been known to skip a workout.  That’s it. I know, I know. I should do more. I should add in weights, take a zumba class, do a warrior run. No Excuses. Blah, Blah, Blah. Yeah, sure, I’ve thought about all that and then I took a nap.

I kept trying to do more. But I was so tired, I was dizzy, I felt weak, I’d get hungry. I’d wake up late and just couldn’t squeeze it all in. Excuses — I know. I have many.

Then I discovered Ayurveda. From that I learned my dosha is Vata. My mantra now is: Less is More.

I discovered that Vata body types tend to tire easily (that’s me). It is best to do easy low-impact excercises like yoga, walking, bicycling and dancing.

Ayurvedic Fitness and Body Types (from Lifespa.com)

Vata types will typically excel in sports requiring quick, short bursts of speed and agility. These individuals are like high-strung thoroughbred race horses – always on the go, very restless and even jumpy at times. They love fast, vigorous activity but can’t handle too much of it if they are going to stay in balance. If anything, Vatas need to slow down and nature often forces them to, since their endurance is not great and they tire quite easily. Vata types are quick to get involved in fitness programs, but because of their constantly changing interests, they are also quick to give them up.

At first, this doesn’t sound at all like me. I do not excel in sports, not at all, not ever, and I am anything but agile. Yet, I am high-strung and do things in quick, short bursts, I am restless and jumpy and I do tire easily. I am also quick to give things up.

I haven’t been doing much yoga lately as I can’t get to class (more excuses). Now that I have progressed to my goal level on the XBX chart I will start to alternate XBX excercises with yoga at home as recommended on the fitforfifty website. The XBX plan is Ten Basic Exercises for women. It was developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force in the 1960s, inspired by the 5BX fitness plan for men, devised by Dr. Bill Orban.  You start off at the lowest level and make gradual progress up the chart to the goal for your age bracket.

In the beginning it was very easy. I had my doubts and thought I really should be doing more. Then today I realized I did 14 modified pushups in a row and my arms are looking defined! When I started I could barely do a wall push-up.  My waist is visible again and best of all – I am not exhausted and not injured and not hungry all the time.