Wellness Wednesday: A Week of Dinners

I eat a light dinner between 4-6pm. I usually have an herbal tea with honey around 9 pm. I have to admit to sneaking in some cookies and maybe some leftover halloween chocolates this week. It’s hard this time of year!

went greek with the egg-lemon soup and stuffed grape leaves


finally made the lentil soup from Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan


forgot to take pictures over the weekend!


My son was sick this week and I didnt have time to make chicken soup, so I fell back on Campbell’s. Tonight was basically leftovers


On Sunday we had bratwurst at a German Christmas Village for lunch, later at 5pm my husband ignored the “kinda hungry’ quiet declarations from me and my son. Around 9 pm we were scrounging and starving!


Tuesday I had a meeting where they served pizza. I had 1 slice and a bottle of water, because I love pizza!

Last week’s weight: 156

This week’s weight: 151.8

+/-: -4.2 lb

Usually I would freak out if I lost more than 2 lb in a week. I know it will boomerang right back at me. Maybe even keep going up as my body tries to restore balance. But given the 3 lb weight gain that didn’t make any sense last week, I think it’s ok. I really shouldn’t be focusing on the scale anyhow. I am using it to gauge how much I am losing or gaining, to figure out how much or little I can eat. At a certain age, like mine, I just have to accept things are going to change. I have to learn to love, or at least live with, my middle-aged body.

Speaking of Change – Weight Watcher’s introduced SmartPoints this week. Looking it over, whole foods like meat, fish, vegetables have low points. Anything processed or packaged is high in points. They can call it whatever they like, but they are jumping on the whole-food bandwagon. It’s not a bad thing, whole foods, I mean. Weight Watchers just makes it so convoluted and complicated with the points. It doesn’t really phase me because I do Simply Filling (sort of). I got to lifetime membership on Weight Watchers 23 years ago with the exchange program – when they switched to points I gained the weight back and more! I stopped doing points as soon as they gave me an option. So this is not about me. Although I think the whole food movement is fabulous, I think Weight Watchers is taking a gamble. People who eat whole and clean can do it without calculating and figuring out points. Why pay Weight Watchers?  Their members are there because they still want to eat that instant oatmeal and Yoplait Whips, they want to eat foods they love, that fit into their hectic lives and still be able to manage their weight loss. This was the lure of the program: it fit into your life not the other way around. There was panic in the meeting room this week. Not me, I’m going to keep doing what Im doing, fine-tuning as I go.


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