Wellness Wednesday: A Week Off the Wagon

I’ll let the scale do the talking this week  –

weight 11/24: 153 lbs

weight 12/01:  156 lbs (+ 3 lbs)

What happened? Well, I went off the Wellness Wagon. Four days away from home, without running, eating heavy meals, and snacking did me in.


I’m excited to eat!


I made a rice pilaf , next to it is sweet potatoes with coconut


Monday morning I went out for a run to try to get back on the wagon. I managed to get in 2 miles very slowly. I felt sluggish. I am trying to get back to my regular routine of light breakfast, big lunch and an early light dinner. Climbing back on the wagon is not that easy. I find that I am hungry all the time again and want to snack and eat a big dinner.

This morning I went out and ran hill repeats in the rain. Tonight, I made an avglomeno soup and I’ll have that with a few stuffed grape leaves. The headaches haven’t started yet, so I think I got this.