Wellness Wednesday: A Week of Breakfasts

Lately Ive been going every Tuesday to weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I stay for the  meetings and even participate, most times I manage to not roll my eyes. Honestly I don’t follow the program. Does it work? Not for me. I lost weight and became a lifetime member 23 years ago. When they switched to the points system I gained all the weight back. 23 years later I am more than 20 pounds above my goal.

So, Ive chucked good sense to the wind and  decided to eat a european breakfast.

Starting weight on 11/10 -155 lbs

Weight on 11/17 – 154.2

I lost just under a pound. So, eating this way doesn’t really make a difference weight wise, however eating that small sweet in the morning has reigned in my sugar cravings in the afternoon. I can go from my 9 am breakfast until my lunch at 1 or 2 without anything other than water or tea. (I do take salt and/or jelly beans on runs longer than 3 miles).


I include a banana every morning for the potassium, tea with milk, because I dont drink coffee. The pear tart is a Marcella Hazan recipe


The scone is a weekly treat from Rare Oppurtunity Farms which I get at the farmer’s market on Tuesday evenings


The macaroon is also from Rare Oppurtunity. Im just indulging myself with this one. My father bought me the mug. Although my name does start with M, it is not Marie.



Saturday morning I go out for a long run and don’t care to eat much beforehand


My husband prepared breakfast and I forgot to snap a picture before gobbling it up!

All images taken with my iphone 6 and annotated in Skitch – forgive the bad quality please




  1. I lost 92 pounds with Gods help. I eat only three meals a day, no snacks, and half portions. Yes, I do have my sweets everyday, just at mealtimes and half portions. I will never diet again, only leads to more failure.


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