Happy Halloween!

The way it’s going tonight is, its* like busses: nothing…and then they all come in bunches.

This year I bought some Halloween treat bags and bagged up 2 or 3 candies to hand out. When that runs out the door closes and lights go out. I was appalled last Halloween at all the little brats, er, trick-or-treaters, who were digging into the bowl I held in my lap, requesting specific candy or grumbling that they only got one. It’s going well with the bags.Some kids are straining in the dark trying to see what they got, but they’ll have to wait until they get home.

They get what they get, please don't get upset
They get what they get, please don’t get upset

My husband took the boy out for the candy-grab-he-waits-for-all-year. I’m in a quiet house and it’s lovely. I’ve been surfing the web to try to find a “spooky” or “ghoulish” dish to take to a potluck tonight. Have you prepared any such dish? Please let me know. I couldn’t find one. I didn’t actually wait until the last minute. I had planned to make a pumpkin soup, but now can’t find the damn canned pumpkin I know I had it in the cabinet. That’s my ADDled brain again!  I’m not really into themed food, unless its* dessert, I don’t care to play with my food. So, I cut up some cornbread I had. Fought with the damn Saran wrap to try to cover it. Just another reason I hate that stuff. Then mixed up a cocktail punch to bring to the party. Now, I’m sitting here tasting my wares, typing out this blog post between answering the door.

I haven’t been cooking up much in the kitchen this past month. I have been busy cooking up Halloween costumes. My son wanted to go as Ash Ketchum, the Pokemon trainer.

When we got invited to a party I decided to dress up as the other Pokemon from the series he is currently watching, the Unova League.

Cilan, Ash, and Iris
Cilan, Ash, and Iris

Here is the boy as Ash.

The boy as Ash Ketchum, Pokemon trainer
The boy as Ash Ketchum, Pokemon trainer

The husband as Cilan –

Cilan, a Pokemon connoisseur
Cilan, a Pokemon connoisseur

Guess which one I’m going as?

I’m waiting for the candy to run out and my guys to come back home so I can transform into Iris and go party! I will update with a photo later.

Happy Halloween All. May your lives be full of many treats and very little tricks.

*Wordpress kept insisting on changing it’s to its