A Cypriot Barbecue

It’s the first Friday of the month and I’m here to talk about Barbecue. It’s a time-honored tradition to have a backyard BBQ on Independence Day. Although, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m talking about foukou. Now wait a minute, that isn’t any kind of insult. What is foukou, you ask? It is Cypriot barbecue.

Foukou for sale on Amazon

A foukou for sale on Amazon

It was recently my husband’s birthday, which happened to fall on a Saturday so he decided he wanted to invite people over for a barbecue and not tell them it’s his birthday. He’s weird like that. Now this isn’t any old barbecue it is one that we bought when we were in Cyprus and had shipped here to the states. It took months to come. Just when I was about to write it off, there it was sitting on our front porch drenched in the rain with one metallic leg poking out of the side of the box.

It is a charcoal grill. Greeks use it to make souvlaki. Cypriots call it Foukou and make souvla on it.

Souvla (Greekσούβλα) is a popular dish from Cyprus.[1] It consists of large pieces of meat cooked on a long skewer over a charcoal barbecue.[2]

It differs from the popular Greek dish souvlaki, in that meat cuts are much larger and slow cooked for a much longer period at a greater distance from the hot charcoal -From Wikipedia

The grill itself is small and has 3 spits on it for roasting meat. These spits are turned by a battery-operated motor. There is also a grill to place souvlaki. We grilled 3 pork loins and made chicken and shrimp souvlaki as well. We kept it simple and served the meat with salad, pita and fruit. It really is a marvel.

chicken souvlaki on the foukou
chicken souvlaki on the foukou

 Here is an article from Serious Eats explaining more about it: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/06/cyprus-grilling-zenon-taverna.html

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Next up for me, I’ve been perusing the cookbook by Marcella Hazan that my dad gave me when I was last up in NYC. I can’t wait to start cooking. If I can just get organized!