Starting Over Again

I wrote my last post on this blog here. I ended that post saying:

 I’ll post pictures in the morning, along with an update on the sauce. After that, I think I will take a long needed nap and a hiatus from this blog.

I never did post pictures or an update the next morning. I did take that nap and the hiatus. But then, in December,  I wrote this as part of Writing 201: the commons instructional piece. I decided it fit into this blog’s theme perfectly. It originally was posted on my other blog Mom the Obscure.

So, is this blog revived?

I started blogging about cooking on momtheobscure at a request from a friend to let them know how one of my cooking adventures went. This friend is an amazing cook. Me: not so much. You can read that very first post by clicking on this link – Cooking with Ms. M . I then moved the cooking part to its own blog to keep it separate from my writing blog. It kind of felt like yelling down an empty well. So I wrote my last post on June 26, 2014. Then I began Foodie Friday on the momtheobscure blog in November because some friends said they did read my cooking blog and missed it. Then for some strange reason I got confused and began to post Foodie Friday here with this review of the Oprah Chai last month. Yesterday I thought, what if I just post here on the first Friday of every month? What if I did? (Why not, does it really make a difference? Hello? Anyone?)

Where am I going with this?

Anywhere. It should be evident by now how inconsistent and wishy-washy I am. Let’s not forget fickle and lazy. There is a lack of discipline and commitment in me. I know, because my catholic teachers told me so. I also often need naps. I haven’t been keeping up with much of anything these days as I discuss in this post on momtheobscure.

I have been spending my time reading up on hypothyroidism and diet. There is a lot of information out there and I’m trying to cull it all together and make it workable for me. I’m also looking for a doctor that will work with me, because as I found out reading the book Stop the Thyroid Madness,  Synthroid is really not working or helping at all.

So, as I read about diet from everything from Ray Peat to Dr. K and Dr. Majid Ali I kept having inconsistent thoughts as I always do. Then I realized, as I did back in 2010 when my endocrinologist told me it would take drastic measures, there was only so much I was willing to do. I do not want to become orthorexic. I want to make some changes, changes that fit into my lifestyle and allow me to be me, albeit a better me. Give up alcohol? Bite your tongue.

I had two other revelations.

1. From what I was reading: I need to eat how I ate when I was a kid.

2. This is going to be a journey. This blog may be a good place to record and work through the progression of that journey.

So my first step is to get back to basics. When I was last up at my dad’s in NY I took some cookbooks from him. He doesn’t really need them as he can cook from memory. I on the other hand can’t seem to remember the steps to boil water. It seems this is also a symptom of my hypothyroidism. The book, Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness,by  Broda O Barnes, MD and Lawrence Galton relates the symptoms of one woman on page 11:

…[S]he had become frightened of crowds and wouldn’t leave the house. She was unable to cook because she could not remember what ingredients she had already added.”

I can relate to that. Yet, I am already on thyroid medication! Here begins my journey to better well-being.


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