The Joy of Holiday Baking: an instructional of sorts

I wrote this as part of Writing 201: the commons instructional piece. I decided it fit into this blog’s theme perfectly. It originally was posted on my other blog Mom the Obscure

Mom the Obscure

So here it is that time of year again. A time of merriment and cheer.  A time to bring the outdoors in, light up the place and make sure your smoke alarms are working. So this weekend I got around to making the annual christmas cookies.

I thought I had a plan. After all, I once worked for a principal who’d always say “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I’m not very good in the planning or the organizing department. It seems like I never really get out of this stage and then after much rumination, pondering, reading and wondering I run out of time and just take a nosedive into it. So here I was last Friday. The boy had a half-day at school for one of those odd reasons that always seems to screw up your schedule. On Tuesday, my grocery shopping day, I had picked up…

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