It’s been a while…

When the doorbell rang at 6:45 I yelled from the kitchen to my son that he couldn’t go out to play because it was almost dinner time. 15 minutes later, when dinner was still not on the table, he came into the kitchen and through the window, he saw the neighbor kids outside playing. He commented: “Why are they still out playing? They should be inside eating dinner. Their mom knows how to cook good.” “Hey,” I exclaimed on the defensive, but then let it drop because the kid kind of had a point. Here it was  7 pm the time I constantly proclaim as dinnertime and as per usual, the kitchen was chaos, I was doing 20 things at once, breakfast dishes still hadn’t been cleared from the dining room table – and all I had to do was make sandwiches and I couldn’t pull myself together to even do that.

And here is this blog. I’ve wanted to walk away from it and never look back. Yet, I’ve thought about it, had ideas for posts, composed them in my head, never wrote them down, and then forgot them. I’ve cooked, I’ve taken photos, I’ve read books and tried various diets. And have failed to come to the table. Is it because I tend to procrastinate, to hem and haw? Or is it because I’ve grown bored, the blog has become tedious, I’ve lost enthusiasm? Or maybe it just feels futile?

I admit I am not a domestic diva, although I am a homebody. I’d rather dig up bricks in my patio. I’d prefer to take long walks in the park. I’ll make an attempt at poetry. I’ll do the laundry and scrub the baseboard.  I’ll even shop for food that eventually I’ll throw out because I haven’t used it. My least favorite place is the kitchen. Sometimes, I am inspired and will do well. Then my husband will declare, “This is good, make this one again.” And I’ll laugh and say: “Silly, you know I don’t know what I did and won’t be able to do it again.”

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s ADD. Fickle? Fancy? Excuses? My mom never really liked to cook either. She just did it because she had to. My dad is the one who enjoyed it. Mom and I preferred to eat ice cream and watch old black-and-white movies on channel 13.

So, something brought me back here. Insomnia? commitment? New inspiration? It’s hard to tell. It’s late or early depending how you look at it and I can’t think straight.

Here’s what I’ve been up to: I just made hot cross buns for the first time, I gave up sugar for lent and then tried the Paleo diet craze with disastrous results. I still go to weight watcher meetings, and I still don’t count my points. I lost 3 lbs and then gained 4 pounds. I’ve had a diet epiphany.  A great new restaurant opened in walking distance of me! I haven’t done any International/Moosewood recipes since Japan, which I have yet to write about. And I am loving this waffle iron I found last summer. More on all this later. Right now, I need to get some sleep.

In the meantime, here is a recipe for hot cross buns from Just a pinch recipes Hot Cross Buns Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes.


Hot out of the oven and waiting for icing

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  1. […] It’s late, or early, depending on how you want to look at it. I’m up. I’m not sleeping. After washing the gunk off some plastic containers, I notice the organic tomatoes I bought last week to make tomato sauce are going bad. Might as well, do it. The lazy part of me thinks why not dump the whole thing in the crock pot and leave it at that? The Italian in me just can’t do it. So, I compromise and douse the tomatoes in boiling water, rinse them in cold and then commence skinning. Hell, while I’m at it – might as well take out the seeds too. As I’m doing this tedious task, my mind is free to wander. How do I make sauce again? It’s been a long, long time and I remember it was a long process. Then I think I should take pictures and blog about it. I’ve had those fleeting thoughts in the past week. I even have some photos sitting on my phone, waiting. For a long while…based on my last post entitled It’s Been Awhile… […]


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