The next chapter in Sundays at Moosewood is Finland by Susan Harville. I dont think she has ever been to Finland, but she has a lot of nice friendly folk-loric Finnish neighbors up in Ithaca. I have never been to Finland either.
I asked my husband to choose the menu.
Mushroom pie with Beet and Horseradish Salad.
Good choices. image



It says in the book that mushrooms grow in abundance in Finland. Mushroom season begins the end of August and it is now the end of August.
Perfect. I used white, portabello and cremini mushrooms for the recipe. It was fairly easy to make. Chop, saute, mix, roll, fill and bake. The sour cream did make the crust tender and flaky. However, the husband and I both found it to be tasty but too heavy for the dogdays of summer. The boy only pecked at the crust. I wasnt sure how to half a recipe for a pie. But now Im thinking cut the dough to fit muffin tin or ramekins and bake small individual pies. Has anyone tried this?

The beet salad was good, but not to my taste. I dont like all those creamy picnic salads. It was messy preparing the beets. I much prefer to clean and wrap in foil and then either throw on the barbecue or roast in the oven for 1-2 hours.

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