2023-5-12 Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast Energy is Matter is Energy “Don’t waste energy thinking about it, it doesn’t matter,” friends said. There was an enormous amount of energy bounded up in the smallest part of her being. It mattered.  There was fusion. A gravitational pull brought them together. For a time, it burned hot. Two … More 2023-5-12 Friday Fictioneers

On the path

She was taking her evening walk. The one she missed the day before. Walking forward on the path, leaving her day behind her. Her thoughts came randomly as she carelessly strided pass other walkers, runners, trees and low flying birds. She exhaled. She stepped. She inhaled. She stepped. Exhaled. Step. Her Fitbit counted each one. … More On the path

A thrilling absence

Today, I was mindful to notice nature. Reading the steps on the Greater Good website, I decided to look up and notice the clouds. I imagined tapered, white, fluffy clouds that were socially distanced. I saw them clearly in my mind as soon as I had the thought to look up and notice them. What … More A thrilling absence

Day 15/16: NaPoWriMo

A purpose To drive our lives Or to distract from the Nothingness That fills the void with feelings We decline, questions We never ask Answers left unexplored Being Filled with tasks and accomplishments Quantifications qualified Without substance A life built on a resume Chosen words to highlight A curriculum vitae Without a connection to Life … More Day 15/16: NaPoWriMo